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  • Monday

    According to the motto "Connecting people - using data", this year's Data Week Leipzig will focus on the topics of the digital city that have emerged around various concepts, data and user communities. Monday will focus on "Responsibility in the digital world", which will also feature Data Science Mania.

  • Tuesday

    The second day of Data Week Leipzig will focus on the topics of “Municipalities for Municipalities” with a focus on climate and energy.

  • Wednesday

    The third day of the event directly follows on from the topics of the previous day and, with the Urban Data Summit, places the practical focus on corresponding “community workshops”. The programme is complemented by the KMI Transfer Day.

  • Thursday

    The fourth day of the Data Week offers a wide-ranging programme that includes the Leipzig Semantic Web Day, the Health Datathon and several training sessions and workshops on the topics of GPT, data literacy, knowledge graphs, licensing and AI maturity.

  • Friday

    There will be hacking on Friday! True to this motto, the Health Datathon awards prizes for the best results on the last day of the event. At the same time, “Jugend hackt” will start in the New Town Hall. The programme will be complemented by a training session organised by eccenca GmbH.

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